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TRAILER: ‘Crown Heights’ takes on a true story of wrongful conviction

We’ve heard many cases of wrongful conviction, from the Central Park 5 to Kalief Browder. Now, Amazon Studios and director Matt Ruskin takes on the case of Colin Warner, the Trinidadian born Brooklyn native who spent two decades in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

‘Crown Heights’ follows Warner and his determined childhood friend, Carl King, as they attempt to prove Warner’s innocence. Colin Warner is played by Lakeith Stanfield, who has starred in the FX hit series Atlanta and the box office smash film, Get Out. Carl King is played by actor Nnmandi Asomugha.

The New York Post had the opportunity to interview the two about the original case:

“It happened out of the blue,” says Warner, who was 18 at the time. “The police come to my house, for me, in connection with a murder. It was totally off the grid for me. Even though I knew I wasn’t a goody-goody, my level of aggression didn’t reach to the level of taking another human life.”

King on dedicating much time and effort to proving his friends’ innocence:

King paid dearly for his dedication to overturning Warner’s conviction: He lost his savings, and his marriage fell apart. But King has no regrets.

“We grew up in a village — you know, ‘It takes a village.’ So it was natural to me . . . as far as trying to do something to make a difference.”’

The film was a Sundance Audience Award winner and was released in nationwide theatres August 18th.

Watch the trailer for ‘Crown Heights’ below:

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