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Donald Glover Talks to the Hollywood Reporter about Atlanta, Star Wars, & Conquering Hollywood


Depending on how you’ve been introduced to Donald Glover, you may know him as Childish Gambino the rapper, Troy from Community, Paper Boi’s manager from FX’s Atlanta, the black guy they tried to get to play Spiderman, or Donald Glover, the stand-up comedian. It’s safe to say that Donald Glover is a multi-talented hot shot who, by 33, has accolades and opportunities lined up for him.

Recently, Glover graced the cover of The Hollywood Reporter and spoke to them about his upcoming role as Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo spinoff, being the hot shot he is – as a black man in Hollywood, and much more.

Regarding his role as Lando Calrissian in the Star Wars Han Solo project:

The only person who seems more excited about his casting than Glover himself is his father, a Star Wars fanatic who, more lenient than Donald’s mother, introduced his son to the franchise when he was a boy. In fact, the first toy Donald Sr. purchased for his son was a Lando action figure, which is why one of the biggest thrills of landing the part was being able to call his father with the news. “He just kept saying, ‘Woooow,’ ” says Glover, who has since hosted his dad on the London set.

On what it’s like for him being black in Hollywood:

“I know it takes time,” he acknowledges, “and you have to make people feel comfortable. You have to make them understand that you speak their language — that you speak old white man.” A smile has now engulfed the lower half of Glover’s intricately bearded face (a trace of Lando, I learn later), and he continues: “I often feel like those explorers who go into the Amazon and then become friends with the tribe, or like Jane Goodall with monkeys, where it’s like, ‘I’m just going to follow you guys around for a while and then you’ll realize, Well, she hasn’t tried to steal one of our babies or eat any of our food, so she can’t be that bad, you guys. Let’s let her see how we mate and stuff; she’ll be fine.’ “

On the new season of FX’s Atlanta:

“I don’t want to go into season two [with the mindset of] ‘Enough people liked it so just keep those people,’ ” he says, “because then you begin to give your audience a methadone drip of bullshit that keeps them happy as opposed to, ‘We did something controversial and more people were interested.’ “

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