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Disney’s ABC News Settles in ‘Pink Slime’ Lawsuit

Photo by Francois Nascimbeni/AFP/Getty Images.

According to Daily Caller, ABC News settled in the defamation lawsuit with Beef Products Inc. (BPI) after their now infamous ‘pink slime’ news series. The media network reportedly forked over $177 million to prevent a highly publicized legal battle with the South Dakota-based meat processor.

Back in 2012, ABC News reported a story which referred to the meat that BPI produced as ‘pink slime’ over 137 times, according to the BPI lawyers. This caused the meat plant to shut down 3 of their 4 plants and lose a wopping $520 million in revenue.

The trial focused on the beef product BPI produced, which included beef chunks, trimmings, and ammonium hydroxide, which kills the E. coli bacteria.

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