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‘Master of None’ Lena Waithe Talks Coming Out & Why LGBT+, PoC Need To Tell Their Own Stories

Master of None star & co-writer of ‘Thanksgiving’ episode, Lena Waithe, with actress Angela Bassett, who plays Waithe’s character mother.

Lena Waithe has much ado to celebrate!

From starting as a co-creator & writer on the web series Hello Cupid to getting her project The Chi picked up by Showtime, this young queer creative is having a successful career thus far.

Waithe met up with The Hollywood Reporters’ Lisa Weidenfeld to discuss an episode which she wrote on the hit Netflix original Master of None, starring co-executive producer Aziz Ansari. In the ‘Thanksgiving’ episode, Waithe gets personal by sharing her coming out experience to her mother through her character Denise.

In the ‘Thanksgiving’ episode, Waithe gets personal by sharing her journey of coming out to her mother and coming to terms with her sexuality through her character Denise.

I was sitting down with them, I was going over some of the things, just the relationship stuff, and then somehow, some way, like Alan or Aziz asked, “What was your coming out like, what was that process?” And I just started talking about that, and what it was like to grow up in a house with all black women, and also different generations of women — my grandmother, my mom, my aunt, my sister — and we just started talking about that and they were really fascinated by it.

Lena Waithe then goes into details about her work relationship with Ansari when it came to producing this episode as well as why she feels Hollywood needs to do better when it comes to LGBT+ representation.

I think sometimes you have a gay person or a brown person, we’ve got this great story, and people are like, “OK, we want to make it,” and then they bring in other people and go, “Now, OK, they’re going to rewrite it and we’re going to have notes on it.”

I think when the people who the story is about really have a voice in it and are involved and have creative control and are really being heard, that’s when you get the best shit.

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