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Miss B McCarthy Talks MVPs Mixer, Uplifting Black Professionals, & Celebrating Deanii ‘Scottie Beam’ Scott

If there are two things I love about New York City, it’s the vibrancy and the people! Spending the last three years in Plattsburgh, NY (which if you thought to yourself “Where the hell is that?”, it’s approx. 30 minutes from Montreal) I’ve felt disconnected from my true New Yorker self.

Wednesday night, I had the pleasure of bringing my homegirls out to honor the beautiful Deanii ‘Scottie Beam’ Scott of Hot 97. We know/love her enchantingly ever-evolving voice on social media & on ‘Ebro in the Morning’. She also has a show with Rodney Rikai Thomas on BET Jams titled, ‘Listen Up’.

Deanii “Scott Beam” Scott | Courtesy: Tommy T Photography

Let’s face it, Scottie Beam is always hustling; whether it be for DJ Khaled’s exclusive Timberland‘s or interviewing the likes of Rick Ross, Mike Will Made IT, and all of your favorite Hip-Hop figures. “She has paved ways for young black women in the radio industry,” said Miss B. McCarthy creator, and founder of the “MVPs Mixer” event.

Miss B. McCarthy was sitting fabulously at the front of the Madison Square Taverns when I asked her more about why she decided to honor Ms. Beam. “She has worked in spaces where she is the youngest and the only woman in the room,” she said.

McCarthy has a soft spot for underrepresented individuals in the industry. “The reason [why] I created MVPs Mixer is because I wanted to uplift these individuals, who may not be where they want to be, but I want to highlight how far they have come.”

As a creative Black woman, it is safe to say that she makes a valid point. Not a lot of people appreciate the work we do, and MVPs Mixer fills that void. “It’s a little incentive to encourage these leaders to keep going,” she wrote. “If they ever feel down they know there’s an audience who is rooting them on. We, the people, see your grind and we are so proud of you.”

Interviewing Miss B. McCarthy. | Courtesy: Tommy T Photography

Of course, like most things, there are some challenges and Miss B wasn’t afraid to share them with me. “First, finding a “qualified” venue that will allow young black professionals to host a mixer. Then, finding my audience. It’s a thin line between being classy and turning ratchet. I want my audience to have a great time but I don’t want [the] scene of a “club vibe” at my mixers. It’s very hard because us young black professionals like to party, too (All classy girls like ratchet music LOL). But I would love to set a difference between the two, which, I’m still working on that. Lastly, knowing that I’m not crazy for doing this event and that it will turn out to be successful.”

While there are bumps in the road, Miss Brittany knows she has a bright future ahead of her. “For now, I am going to continue to keep producing the mixer every month, if possible,” she says optimistically. “The goal is to make ‘MVPs Mixer’ thee number one mixer [in NYC] that could potentially turn into a conference for young professionals.”

Got to love New York, man. The hustle and flow is impeccable.

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