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Viacom Taps Industry Vets Liz Fine + Amani Duncan for VH1,& MTV

President of Logo, Vh1,& MTV Chris McCarthy is leading a lot of exciting changes over at Viacom. After MTV sinking ratings, and the company’s interest in a fresh start, Chris McCarthy employed Nina L. Diaz, Head of Unscripted Programming, and Amani Duncan, now, Senior Vice President of Music to emulate the success that the company is looking for.

The focus is shifting from scripted, and unscripted programming on separate platforms to a healthy blend of music, live, and unscripted/reality content, complimented with scripted series on MTV. The main focus at VH1 will be on unscripted, and reality content, with some scripted, which is why Ms. Diaz tapped Liz Fine as the Senior Vice President of Original Series.

Diaz, Duncan, and Fine all have reputable accomplishments under their belts. Diaz is credited for Executive Producing, and Producing series such as “My Super Sweet 16”, “Mob Wives”, “Love & Hip Hop”, “K. Michelle: My Life”, and many more. Fine has collaborated with Nina L. Diaz on projects such as “Mob Wives”, and “Teen Mom”, while leading FYI to success with shows such as Married at First Sight, as well as spinoff Married at First Sight: First Year and The Seven Year Switch, among others.  .

On the music end, where Viacom’s MTV reigns, Amani Duncan is a major asset to Chris McCarthy’s team. “Amani has an incredible track record in creating partnerships between artists and brands that allow both to shine and deliver something new for audiences,” McCarthy said to Deadline. Amani was worked with MTV on it’s live programming such as Unplugged and the VMAs. She also is known for working with influential artist such as Jay-Z, Iggy Pop, & Ed Sheeran.

With upfronts coming rapidly, Viacom’s portfolio will surely attract many advertisers, and talent agents who are eager to contribute to exciting developing projects, such as the ones brewing at MTV & VH1.


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