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Monday Line-up: What’s On Tonight?

It’s Monday, and I’m sure after you’re done with a long and intense day – you just want to cuddle up on a couch and flip the channels. Consider these shows to check out while you’re flipping:


’24: Legacy’ – FOX | 8:00 PM EST

While FOX promised that everything fans loved about ’24’ will appear in this spinoff, ‘Legacy’ premiered last night after SuperBowl 51 and was met with much criticism. Nonetheless, if you’re in an action packed mood, check episode two of this Afro-Asian (hello, Manny Coto) actor lead series.


‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ – VH1 | 8:00 PM EST

My all time guilty pleasure is on this evening, and in the conclusion episode of the gangs Cancun trip, Yandy confronts Juju (again), while later missing Lil’ Mendeecees birthday party. While you may have rolled your eyes at that, wait till you find out who pays Mendeecees a visit. Tara and Amina sees each for the first time, in a looooooong time. If you want to see some ratchetness, including Cardi B hitting the pole one mo’ gain; VH1 is where you want to be at 8 PM. You may want to stick around for K.Michelle’s “My Life” @ 9:30 PM, after “Leave It To Stevie”.


‘Jane The Virgin’ – The CW | 9:00 PM EST

What’s a Monday without Gina Rodriguez you ask? You tell me. Season 3, Episode 10 sees Jane trying to recreate her first date with Michael, Rogelio is throwing fits on the red carpet, and of course, the world bore witness. All that, and much more on the CW.


‘Superior Donuts’ – CBS | 9:00 PM EST

From Broadway to the lil’ big screen, ‘Superior Donuts’ is CBS new comedy about a “grumpy donut shop owner and his new employee” daily lives. TV Guide said the show is unafraid to tackle hot button issues. Episode two is on tonight, so catch up while it’s not too late.


‘NBA on TNT’ – TNT | 7:00 PM EST (Cavaliers vs. Wizards, Spurs vs. Grizzlies)

And if all thus fails catch your favorite players running up and down the court tonight on TNT!

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